Building the best way to collaborate on creative work

Focal was founded on one key observation - in a world where creatives and marketers have a long list of tools to choose from, a bulk of both internal and external collaboration still takes place in docs, slides and spreadsheets.

We believe teams deserve something better. Something purpose-built for creative work, making it easier to get from brief to launch. This shared belief was the reason for starting Focal.

Meet the founding team

Focal was started in 2021 by a team passionate about well-made software that makes life easier. With experience from both high-growth SaaS and global tech companies, we want to combine the best of both worlds to build the best place for people to create software that stands the test of time.

Focal is backed by Lifeline Ventures and a group of industry veterans.

Tuomo Riekki

Co-Founder & CEO

Past: Co-Founder and CTO/CPO at

Andreas Stenman


Past: Head of Partnerships at

Matias Niemelä

Founding Engineer

Past: Sr Software Engineer at Google & Reddit

What we believe in

Rapid experimentation

We want to ship value for our clients fast and focus on what matters. We see quick iterations to customer feedback and ecosystem changes as the ultimate weapon in business.

Healthy Curiosity

We are curious to find new innovative ways to work and develop software. We believe that companies who actively welcome new opinions and approaches are going to be more successful over time.


Our product is the primary driver for growth, and we strive to make it easy for users to understand and experience the value of Focal. Great UX and usability is always a priority.

Continuous improvement

We believe in high-quality software that keeps improving on itself. Focal aims to keep delivering fresh new features and experiences while keeping the product stable and familiar.

Flat & Transparent

We all enjoy working environments where unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy are left out. Whenever possible, the entire team should have insight into why decisions are being made.

Everyone’s an Entrepreneur

We want Focal to be the best place for future founders and entrepreneurs to learn. We encourage all employees to look at the bigger picture and participate in shaping the future direction of the company.

Snapshots of life at Focal

7am morning runs in New York

Coding last-minute features in Berlin

Friday demos at the Helsinki office

First ever Focal team day

Debriefing after customer meetings

Coffee + product design