Brief to Scale – Mastering creative testing on Meta | Manson Chen (Cash App, Calm & Parabolica)

Introducing Brief to Scale. Interviews with leading marketing, creative and growth professionals revealing hands-on strategies to help you craft campaigns that truly scale.

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Manson Chen is the founder of Parabolica and formerly led performance creative strategy at Cash App and Calm.

In this episode, Manson shares:

  • Why creative is the new targeting in Meta
  • How to start and improve the creative testing process
  • The key creative elements that are critical to track and test
  • Success stories of the frameworks that are essential for developing a robust creative strategy
  • Where to find inspiration
  • The role of AI in enhancing creative processes and saving time


Where to find Manson Chen:


Where to find Andreas Stenman:


(00:00) Introduction to Brief to Scale

(01:10) Manson's background

(02:22) Why creative is the new targeting on Meta

(04:09) Targets and goals as a performance creative lead

(06:48) Weekly routines at Cash App and Calm

(10:21) How a tractor video became Calm's best performing ad, and other stories

(12:54) The key creative elements of a video that are critical to test and track

(15:44) The importance of hooks and scripts in creative performance

(17:14) How to get started with creative testing and importance of naming conventions

(18:51) The best practices for media buying and how much you should spend on creative testing

(22:36) The key metrics to track in creative performance

(24:35) Building a working creative feedback loop

(32:23) How AI can help marketers and designers in creative testing

(36:32) What is Parabolica and how to reach out to Manson

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