Success Story – DTC brand OYO moved from Google Drive to Focal and saw significant time savings

OYO skincare moved their UGC, influencer, ad, product, and brand assets from Drive to Focal, experiencing clear improvements in time efficiency.

Focal partnered with OYO skincare, a female-founded DTC brand, to help them manage marketing assets more quickly. Learn from Léonie Gisin, Co-Founder and CEO at OYO, how their creative pipeline was streamlined after the change.


The Swiss beauty brand founded by the Gisin sisters in 2021 is rewriting the narrative surrounding women's intimate skincare. Instead of following the old ways of the industry, they offer sustainably produced, vegan products, that suit all skin types.

With business growing, a strongly increasing follower count on Instagram and TikTok, and new products being added to their catalog, Google Drive no longer met the needs of OYO: With the number of assets growing at a fast pace, they wanted a more intuitive, organized option to save time and better track creative pipeline.

Enter Focal

After a two-week trial, Léonie decided to move all UGC, Influencer, Meta ad content, product images, and brand assets - such as icons, stickers, and more - from Drive to Focal.

Focal helps us find content a lot faster thanks to its tagging features. The fact we can look for content by tag, product, date added, etc is amazing.

It's not just the filters and and tags that prompted OYO to move their materials to Focal, but the visual UI and small differences that are designed with marketers first in mind.

Léonie explains further:

"Focal is a lot more visual than Google Drive which is a no-brainer when managing content."

Today, OYO hosts all their creative files on Focal, and the tool is used by Léonie and the team daily to manage, approve and deliver marketing assets. OYO's team and key freelancers are invited to the platform, making the collaboration between the extended team more straightforward.

"Love the video preview feature btw. With Google drive you have to click on the video asset and wait for it to load before knowing what it is about."


With the growing need to publish fresh content across several different channels, modern DTC and e-commerce brands are discovering that Drive and other traditional file-sharing platforms aren't specifically designed for modern marketers. With smart management, approval, and asset delivery features, plus a marketer-friendly UI, an increasing number of brands are moving their materials to Focal.

Curious to try it out?

Focal offers a free plan to small brands and paid plans starting at $99/month.

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