Success Story – How VIBAe supercharged marketing content production with Focal

The fashion brand saw significant time save after centralizing all content collaboration to Focal.

Focal partnered with VIBAe, a Californian-Finnish fashion house, to streamline marketing asset production and management. Known for rapid international growth and collaborations with brands like COMME des GARÇONS, VIBAe sought a comprehensive solution for faster production of high-quality marketing assets.

Switching to Focal from other cloud-based storage systems and project management tools allowed VIBAe to consolidate their creative assets, refine content briefs, and enhance distribution.

Discover from Hannu Salminen, Growth & Success Officer at VIBAe, how Focal revolutionized VIBAe's creative asset pipeline.

Challenge: Disorganized Assets and Streamlining Communication

VIBAe's global team, working remotely from eight different locations, faced a series of challenges:

  • Scattered creative assets across multiple cloud services and project management tools
  • Inconsistent naming conventions and storage of both drafts and finalized assets
  • Difficulty in distributing assets to retailers and partners

These complications made locating specific content a cumbersome task and disrupted the flow of their operations.

Hannu describes the pre-Focal chaos:

Managing product, marketing, and lifestyle imagery was in a less than ideal state. Locating a specific image or video was extremely labor-intensive. With Focal, however, we now have a singular service where content is effortlessly found using Custom Tags.
Focal Asset Library

Enter Focal

VIBAe integrated Focal to achieve consistency in their daily creative operations. They opened a Team Space on Focal for their in-house team and soon brought their external agencies and freelancers onboard. Hannu soon noticed improved control over ad content and streamlined approval processes.

"With Focal, our collaboration with the British ad agency Penang Media significantly improved, making content management, approval processes, and production more efficient."

Recognizing Focal's impact on speeding up their ad production pipeline, they transitioned from managing their email marketing from Slack to Focal.

Focal Media Player

For file storing, Focal's Asset Library made VIBAe's asset discovery process simpler. The centralized platform now ensured updated and ready access to all creative assets, which previously consumed significant resources.

Hannu emphasizes:

"In a fast-paced environment of content production and management, Focal stands unmatched. It significantly eases our daily tasks and frees up resources for other essential needs."

Conclusion: Focal Transforms VIBAe's Content Management Strategy

Focal's introduction transformed VIBAe's approach to content management. Today, the fashion brand doesn't just view Focal as a tool but as a foundational part of their content strategy. It acts as the central hub for all marketing-related creative assets, briefs, and collaborations. This holistic approach enables VIBAe to deliver a consistent brand experience to both consumers and retailers.

"Focal is at the heart of our marketing-related creative assets, briefs, and collaborations. Its capabilities make it an indispensable asset to our brand."

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