Success Story – How Mobal Streamlined Marketing Operations using Focal

Focal improved Mobal's marketing efficiency by centralizing creative assets and streamlining campaign planning.

Mobal, the all-in-one tool for helping businesses get found online, achieved faster idea-to-publish time by implementing as their internal marketing collaboration platform. With Focal, Mobal significantly accelerated their marketing campaign delivery and streamlined their creative asset management.

Learn from Siri Enckell, Marketing Lead at Mobal, how Focal helps Mobal ship high-performing campaigns faster.

Siri Enckell
Siri Enckell, Marketing Lead at Mobal

Challenge: How to efficiently scale marketing operations and creative asset management

Mobal has two primary goals for marketing: generating high-quality leads for sales and maintaining a consistent, engaging brand experience across different touchpoints. Siri had spotted that as the team scaled from one person to a bigger team with various stakeholders, they needed to efficiently scale their marketing tools and processes.

Before implementing Focal, Mobal had two concrete problems. First, all creative assets were scattered across different devices and platforms. Second, Mobal's marketing plans were ideated and executed in different platforms like Google Docs, Notion and Slack, causing confusion within the team.

"Before Focal, our marketing materials were scattered across different devices and Slack, Figma, Notion, and so on."

This created unnecessary inefficiencies: firstly, Mobal's team often needed to ask for Siri's help to locate the creative assets they needed, causing unwanted interruptions. Secondly, the marketing and design teams' creative process was less than ideal because they lacked one central home for all their marketing plans and content.

Focal app Pages feature

Enter Focal

To overcome these challenges, Mobal decided to trial for their client case studies.

In practice, Mobal ideated and planned the campaigns using Focal’s Pages. The creative assets for the campaign were brought directly using Focal's Figma integration. Using Focal, Siri collaborated with the marketing and design team on creative visuals, composed copy texts, and finally approved the materials before publishing. The implementation of Focal resulted in faster production and writing of customer success stories.

"With Focal, working together on copy text and imagery became significantly faster."
Focal app Asset library feature

After trialing Focal with their customer success cases, Mobal transitioned all their creative assets to Focal's Asset library for better discoverability. Before adopting Focal, Mobal had relied on Figma, Slack, and Google Drive to store creative assets. Centralizing the brand book and essential assets within Focal ensured accessibility and up-to-date materials for the entire team at Mobal.

Siri Enckell adds:

"With Focal, all members of the marketing and design team can confidently access the latest versions of our creative assets such as logos, colors, and elements. This eliminates the need to consult me before using an asset, or worse, the wrong assets are being used. This makes it faster for us to create new designs and ship content."

Today, Siri and the team rely on Focal for building all their marketing campaigns.

Mobal LinkedIn view

Conclusion: Focal accelerated Mobal's marketing campaign delivery

The implementation of Focal brought significant benefits to Mobal's creative production. Now, Siri and the rest of the marketing and design team build all their marketing campaigns on Focal. Also, Focal serves as a centralized hub for organizing, storing, and accessing creative assets. Today, Mobal has created over 25 Pages on Focal and uploaded over 125 creative assets to the platform.

Focal serves as the central hub for all our marketing-related creative assets, campaigns, and collaboration. Its seamless integration with tools like Figma and Slack makes it a great solution for us.

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