September 15, 2023

Asana Alternative for Gaming Brands – Marketing/UA/Creative

Specialized asset management for gaming brands: Ship ads 10x faster.

Specialized asset management for gaming brands: Ship ads 10x faster.

Limitations of Universal Project Management Platforms

Asana's appeal lies in its wide-ranging applications across multiple industries. However, the complexities involved in gaming ad campaigns, creative development, and asset organization make specialized tools a requisite. Creative Producers, UA teams, and Marketing Managers are on the lookout for a platform that aligns more closely with the gaming realm's intricate workflows.

Why Focal is the Go-To Choice for Gaming Brands

Intelligent Creative Asset Management and Metadata Filters

At its core, Focal offers more than just asset organization. It revolutionizes it. The platform boasts AI-driven search and marketing-specific metadata filters, enabling brands to swiftly locate their assets. On Focal, sorting assets based on their ad placement, associated campaign, or performance becomes second nature. Its customized metadata function adds an unparalleled layer of precision catering specifically to gaming brands.

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Collaborative Precision with Focal's Media Player

The distinction of Focal's media player is its intricate collaboration feature. Gaming brands can minutely scrutinize creatives on a frame-by-frame basis, allowing for annotations that are not just accurate but surgically precise. This eliminates ambiguity and ensures that every piece of feedback correlates exactly to its intended reference.

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Context-Rich Media Mockups for Realistic Visualizations

For gaming brands, visual representation is paramount. Focal’s media mockups emulate how ads manifest across different digital platforms. Whether it's an Instagram Reel or a TikTok in-feed ad, brands acquire a comprehensive perspective, ensuring their creatives are always on point.

Focal’s Creative Boards: Built for Gaming Collaborations

The heart of Focal's prowess lies in its Creative Boards. Specifically curated with gaming brands in mind, these boards facilitate and optimize the creative workflow. Be it interactions with internal teams or external partners like freelancers or agencies, Focal ensures a frictionless process. Its standard columns and cells echo the gaming industry's prerequisites, but with the added benefit of adaptability for those curveball requirements.

Integration Capabilities: Elevating Collaborative Efficiencies

Elevate Team Synchronicity with Slack Integration

Focal's seamless integration with Slack has been a game-changer for many brands. This integration translates into tangible workflow efficiencies. Feedback or comments on Focal trigger personalized, context-rich notifications on Slack. Team members can now address feedback or queries directly within Slack, bypassing the need for platform-hopping.

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The gaming industry's trajectory necessitates tools that evolve in tandem. As the industry expands, the allure of specialized platforms like Focal will intensify.


How does Focal measure up against Asana for gaming brands?

While Asana offers versatile features, Focal specializes in gaming brand needs. With its unique frame-by-frame collaboration in the media player, metadata filters tailored for game ad campaigns, and gaming-centric creative boards, Focal stands apart.

Can we integrate Focal with our existing toolkit?

Certainly! Focal offers seamless integrations with platforms like Figma and Google Drive. However, its standout feature is the Slack integration, allowing instantaneous feedback processes within Slack, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Is Focal adaptable to our brand-specific needs?

Absolutely. Focal provides a foundational structure tailored for gaming brands but prides itself on its adaptability for bespoke requirements.

How does Focal's Creative Board aid in collaboration, especially with external collaborators?

Focal's Creative Boards are the nexus for managing the creative process. Whether you’re collaborating with an internal team or external entities like agencies or freelancers, the platform's intuitive design, clear asset tracking, and modifiable columns ensure a streamlined collaborative experience.

What is Focal?

Focal is a creative asset management platform perfect for asset-heavy teams. With Focal, you can ship effective ads 10x faster.

Our key features are an AI-powered search for creative assets, advanced media mockups, and collaborative docs designed for marketers. All features in Focal are seamlessly connected with Slack and Figma, so you don't need to waste time on manual copy+paste.

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