September 15, 2023 Alternative for Gaming Brands – Marketing/UA/Creative

Specialized asset management for gaming brands: Ship ads 10x faster.

Specialized asset management for gaming brands: Ship ads 10x faster.

Drawbacks of Generic Project Management Tools like Monday and similar generic project managemnt platforms are undeniably powerful, boasting adaptability across numerous sectors. However, when it comes to the detailed and nuanced workflows of gaming, ad creation, campaign management, and creative asset organization, these broader tools often fall short. Creative Producers, UA teams, and Marketing Managers frequently find themselves in search of features specifically crafted for their needs.

The Advantages of Focal for Gaming Brands

Tailored Creative Asset Management with Intelligent Metadata Filters

Focal doesn't just organize assets; it refines the process. With its AI-powered search, combined with marketing-first metadata filters, brands find what they need without the usual hassle. Through Focal, teams can seamlessly sort their assets based on ad placement, campaign, or even performance. Plus, the brand-specific custom metadata ensures a bespoke, tailor-made experience, speaking directly to the demands of gaming brands.

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Advanced Collaboration with Focal's Media Player

The media player on Focal isn't just another tool; it's a collaboration powerhouse. Teams can review creatives frame by frame, ensuring that annotations and feedback are pinpoint accurate. No more guesswork or vague references. Every piece of feedback lands perfectly aligned to its intended frame, ensuring clear, concise, and actionable collaboration.

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Visualize with Contextual Media Mockups

Seeing is believing, especially for gaming brands. Focal's media mockups provide a realistic, contextual representation of how ads would appear across different platforms. From Instagram Stories to TikTok in-feed ads, creatives get a full-spectrum view, ensuring quality and relevance.

Focal’s Creative Boards: The Pulse of Collaborative Efficiencies

Focal's Creative Boards are where the magic happens. Designed with gaming brands at the core, these boards streamline the creative pipeline. Whether collaborating with internal teams, freelancers, or agencies, the process remains seamless. Standardized columns and cells, echoing the gaming sector's needs, ensure intuitive navigation. And for those unique requirements? The platform's modifiability comes into play, allowing brands to adjust on the fly.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Workflow

Supercharged Collaboration with Slack Integration

One of Focal's standout features is its integration with Slack. Teams have reported significant efficiencies due to this feature. When comments or feedback are provided on Focal, personalized notifications, complete with contextual references, are sent directly to Slack. This means team members can respond to queries or feedback directly on Slack, without having to switch platforms. It's efficiency and responsiveness redefined.

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The evolution of gaming brands calls for evolved tools. With Focal, Gaming teams are not just adapting but thriving, shipping ads 10x faster than before.


How does Focal compare to specifically for gaming brands?

While offers broad functionality, Focal is tailored for gaming brands. Features like frame-by-frame collaboration in the media player, metadata filtering by ad placement or campaign, and tailored creative boards underscore its gaming-centric design.

Can Focal integrate with other tools our team uses?

Absolutely! While Focal boasts integrations with platforms like Figma and Google Drive, its Slack integration stands out. Teams can receive and respond to Focal comments directly on Slack, streamlining the feedback process.

Is Focal customizable for our specific needs?

Yes. Focal provides a standard tailored for gaming brands but offers flexibility for unique requirements. This ensures you mold the platform as per your brand's evolving needs.

How does Focal's Creative Board enhance collaboration with external teams?

Focal's Creative Boards manage the creative pipeline efficiently, whether it's with an internal team, freelancers, or agencies. Real-time collaboration, clear asset histories, and adjustable columns make the process smooth and intuitive.

What is Focal?

Focal is a creative asset management platform perfect for asset-heavy teams. With Focal, you can ship effective ads 10x faster.

Our key features are an AI-powered search for creative assets, advanced media mockups, and collaborative docs designed for marketers. All features in Focal are seamlessly connected with Slack and Figma, so you don't need to waste time on manual copy+paste.

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