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End-to-end Creative Operations for UGC videos

“I can’t stress enough how much Focal has solved my specific headaches as a DTC marketer managing high creative output & working with video editors”

Ella Ross
Creative Director


Fling, the Los Angeles-based wellness brand behind the popular plant-based gummies including Sugar Guard and Thyroid Power, were rethinking their marketing stack as they started scaling their production of UGC videos.

As the Fling team ramped up their paid social ads, they hit a bottleneck with manual tasks, especially renaming creative files and uploading them to platforms like Facebook and TikTok. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, making it tough for them to scale efficiently. Relying on freelancers from time to time, they also needed a solution that let's them loop in external stakeholders and increase visibility into new creative concepts being produced.

As a young company and lean team, they were looking for a solution that allows them to maximize their creative output without adding more headcount, while also keeping the amount of SaaS tools to a minimum.


Focal allowed Fling to build an end-to-end process for their performance creatives - starting from a visual way of keeping track of a backlog of creative ideas, to storing all existing files and easily uploading them to their key media channels - Facebook and TikTok.

Using Focal’s Creative Boards, they were able to track new creative concepts across all their products, while also handling creative feedback with their freelancers in the same place. Once approved, all their video assets are automatically organized by product in the library, so they can be easily located and bulk uploaded directly to the Meta and TikTok media libraries.  

This led to a noticeable boost in ad effectiveness and a reduction in time spent on admin work, allowing the team to focus on what matters - crafting compelling content that resonates with their audience.

"If you’re a marketer struggling to keep up with your creative pipeline, you should absolutely use Focal. Focal allows you to manage the entire creative production cycle, from brainstorming to launch”

Fling is a plant-based wellness brand based in Los Angeles



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