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Future-proofing UA creative management

“Focal's Creative Boards and Automations have transformed how we manage our UA creatives. It's easy to get started and has streamlined our workflow from start to finish.”

Oisin Walsh
UA Lead


SYBO Games, the Danish powerhouse behind Subway Surfers, one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time, was struggling to find an efficient creative process. As they scaled their UA efforts, their team found themselves juggling numerous spreadsheets and isolated tools to manage the production of new creative concepts. 

With multiple external creative agencies in use, the absence of a centralized process both slowed down the production of new UA assets and also increased the risk of errors in their campaigns.

SYBO turned to Focal for a better way to collaborate on creative concepts and ensure their creative process can scale with them.


With the help of Focal, SYBO was able to significantly improve their workflows for UA creatives. Creative boards allowed them to build a standardized process for creative feedback and approvals with all external partners, and helped them move away from unconnected spreadsheets. 

As part of the Creative Board setup, Focal’s automations rename all new creative assets according to SYBO’s own naming conventions and organize these files into sub-folders based on specific concepts and themes. This automation removed the burden of manually sorting large volumes of media files and ensured consistency across all new content.

Finally, the adoption of Focal’s bulk asset export function enabled SYBO to efficiently distribute approved creative materials to media channels like Meta and YouTube, saving the UA team several hours each week.

SYBO Games is a leading mobile game developer famous for developing Subway Surfers, a record-breaking mobile game enjoyed by millions.


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